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The experienced team at the Law Office of James R. Auffant have a longstanding history of success, representing people just like you. Located in Downtown Orlando, we work hands-on with you and your family to get results. Whether you or a loved one suffer from a disability or were injured on the job, we are here to listen. You can rest assured that you will receive the counsel you need, as well as the compensation you deserve.

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Over 80% of first-time applicants are denied by the Social Security Administration.

Disability & Social Security is our specialty. We have helped many in situations like yours.
I can help you through this difficult time and protect your rights.
We will help you complete the application for FREE. Other attorneys won’t.
We know how to navigate the complicated process of getting you a fair shot at disability benefits.
We are a local firm & flexible, by Downtown Orlando. Call TODAY so we can schedule a No-Charge SSA / SSI document review.

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Social Security

Have you been DENIED for Disability or SSI? You’re not Alone. We can Help!

Autism and ASD

Have questions about Autism and ASD? We can Help You with solving this Puzzle!



Dealing with Fibromyalgia Pain?Help is only an email or phone call away!

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