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Let me start by saying that all Social Security attorneys charge the same by Social Security Regulation it is currently 25% of past due benefits up to $6,000.00 a little more if they have to go to the Federal Court.

Your past due benefits will depend on for how long you have paid into the system, how much have you paid into the system and the date you became disable.

With the above in mind why not hire the best in their field, the one how only handles Social Security disability claims; after all you deserve the best and in order to enhance your chances of winning you will need the best.

The first thing you should expect from your Social Security Disability Attorney is to meet with him or her prior to hiring them and asking all the questions you may have about Social Security disability claims.

The second, to listen to how he or she answer your questions, and how clear does he or she explains the process your case in his opinion will be going through.

The third, is how honest is he or she and has he or she explained how much your case is going to depend on your medical records and what they say or do not say.  Has he or she told you that at the initial application level the Social Security Administration denies over 83% of all claims, and that they deny over 86% at the reconsideration level.  Also has he or she inform you that answering the questionnaires send to you by the Social Security Administration is a waste of time.

The fourth, has he or she ask you to review your medical records to see if everything is correct, if they are complete, if they contain all the matters that you have mentioned to your doctor.  Also, he or she ask you to talk to your doctor after all the Social Security Administration will base their decisions on what your medical records say or do not say.  After all you are claiming that you cannot work because of the limitations, impairments, or inabilities your condition has caused.  The question is are you two on the same page or not.

The fifth, is has he or she given you an idea of how he or she believes your case should be handled, should it be because you cannot stand for more than 15 minutes at a time, or sit for more than 30 minutes at a time, that you cannot lift more than 10 pounds, that in order to stand or walk you need a walker of a cane.  That you have memory problems, concentration problems, cognitive problems, anxiety problems, depression problems, etc.

Sixth, has he or she explained to you that your claim may take years (2-3) for it to be approve after all they only approve 18% at the initial level and 14% at the reconsideration level.

Seventh, after talking to him or her for the course of your first meeting how do you feel that this is the right person to handle your claim, has he or she answered all your questions truthfully, even though it may not be the answer you expected, have you clearly understood his or her explanation and answers to the above questions, if yes, hire that attorney.

I will be honored to meet with you either in person or over the phone to answer all your questions you may have about your Social Security claim, please e-mail at jamesauffant@live.com or call me at 407-894-4779.