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We generally use earnings guidelines to evaluate whether your work activity is SGA.

The amount of monthly earnings we consider to be SAG depends on the nature of your disability. The Social Security Act specifies a higher SGA amount for persons who meet the definition of blindness described by the law. For details on our rules about earnings and blindness, refer to Working While Disabled. How We Can Help (Publication No. 05-10095). We usually adjust these amounts every year based on increases in the national average wage index.

To this you most add the requirements set in my section called Social Security Disability benefits, there you find the additional requirements for an adult to qualify for benefits for Social Security disability. 

The most important part of the adult requirements is the evidence you most provide the Social Security Administration as to your inability to work.

Many people confuse this with evidence of a diagnosis and the fact that they take medications for it, which is clearly not sufficient. 

It is for this reason that you need to discuss your adult claim with an attorney, and I am available to do so just call the above phone number to schedule an appointment.

You may also want to discuss your disability claim with your doctor or doctors, after all it is their medical records what Social Security or its contracted agents are going to use in the determination if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits.