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In these days of COVID-19 and even after for the next 2 years, all claims will be behind. Normally it takes from 18-24 months depending what area of the county you live.

Also, it depends on how long it takes your doctor in submitting your medical records to the Social Security Administration and how long it takes the Social Security employee in reviewing your medical records.

Your first step is your initial application filed for Social Security disability. They will receive it, analyze it, and make a decision. I must inform you that according to Social Security information, they deny 82% of all initial applications. The reason for such high denial numbers, is that the Social Security contracts with your local State Agencies, whose guidelines are created to deny claims.

Once you are denied for your Social Security disability benefits you have to file a Request for Reconsideration. This is your first appeal, and it is mandatory. In this step they may send you to their doctors for an evaluation of your claim. Remember that this doctor works for, and is paid by, the Social Security Administration. His or her function is to see you and render an opinion. They are not there to help you in obtaining Social Security disability benefits.

Also, they may send you a ton of questionnaires for you to complete. Be very careful as to how you answer, since they use this as grounds to deny your Social Security disability benefits.

Lastly, be careful of the fact that they are going to compare everything with your previous answers and your doctor’s records. If you say that your pain or condition is the same, or you fail to mention it, they may call that “inconsistent” and use that as an excuse to deny your benefits.

Be very careful when you fill out these forms.