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First, all Social Security Attorneys are paid 25% of your past due benefits if they win your case up to $6,000.00 and 0% if they do not.

Second, the difference is not what they charge, but how they handle your claim. 

Here is the great difference many people confuse TV adds with knowledge, have you ever wondered why some personal injury firms have decided to go into Social Security disability representation, it for money, here they apply the same principal of assembly line handling of cases. 

You call the office, and you talk to a person who is trained to sign you up as a client.

In this assembly line principal, you do not talk to a Social Security expert Attorney the evaluation is simple, does your case looks like an easy workable case or is it going to require some hard work to win it.

The truth is that in the assembly line may very well work in a factory on the production of a product, you are not a product, nor is your life a product.

In this situation for this type of handling of you case you are there to make money for the firm.

Many people are confused by TV commercials, they really believe that this firm is the one they need to hire after all they make serious claims about how they have made so much money for their clients.

In Social Security disability claims it is not about negotiations, there are none, it is not about settlements, there are none, it is not about specific amounts of money since your back pay depends only on what you paid into the system and for how long.

The truth is that an amount of money about back pay is not discussed at any level of your disability claim, with any employee of Social Security, with a Social Security Administration Law Judge, Appeals Council or Federal Judge.

So, the fact that a Personal Injury Attorney will mention on his TV adds how much money he or she got a car accident or slip and fall client is completely irrelevant in your Social Security disability claim case.

What is relevant is knowledge and personal touch, after all you want to meet with the person who is going to guide from the application process all the way to Federal Court if necessary. 

If you are not offered to meet with the attorney you will be having from day one, you are at the wrong place. 

The thing to consider to a want to be a number in a huge law firm or be a person in a firm that only practices in the area of Social Security disability, after all you are paying the same fee and receiving the same back pay.

Do you want an attorney who specializes in Social Security claims only who has the knowledge of every regulation in the Federal Code, who knows how to prepare a pre-hearing brief, who knows how to present your claim based on your conditions and how they prevent you from working to an Administrative Law Judge, how fully understands your physical and/or mental limitations and how to present proper questions to the alleged Vocational Expert who is always at these hearings.

If the above is what you are looking for feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone for an in person or phone meeting to discuss your Social Security disability claim at 407-894-4779