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There are two different types of disability benefits the first is regular SSID which is your insurance plan within your Social Security program.

The second, is SSI, this one is basically the same, with the exception that this program was created for people who do not qualify for Social Security disability, either because they have not work in the past 5 years, do not have the required quarters to qualify or one of many other reasons.

The reasons that may qualify or not depends on a case-by-case bases, there is no one rule that I am willing to discuss with you, your concerns, questions and give you answer and should you after this discussion you feel that you would like to file for Social Security Disability benefits, I will provide you with all necessary paperwork, so my team can file your application for Social Security Disability benefits. This way I can handle your claim for Social Security benefits, from day one, and making sure the process goes as fast as possible and that it is not stalled, for lack of information or documentation.