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Thousands of people suffer from back pain cause by injury, and at the time makes it impossible to work, which may make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

It is well documented that there are many conditions of the spine which cause severe back pain and day to day problems.

These conditions may be caused by age, and some occur permanently or simply as the result of accidents, or some other conditions.

Some of the most common causes for back pain are such as:

  1. Degenerative disc disorder
  2. Arachnoiditis
  3. Spondylitis
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis
  6. Herniated discs
  7. Bulging discs
  8. Nerve root compression
  9. Scoliosis
  10. Spinal stenosis
  11. Spondylolisthesis

 The above is only an example of many back conditions, your case may be very different, and you may have more than one of the above lists, yet the diagnosis is only step one of many to establish in a Social Security disability claim.

The truth is that the Social Security Administration has their own Medical Guidelines which rule in their disability claims they are called Medical Listings (please check my website for this list) in the evaluation and final determination of your Social Security disability benefit application determination.

Based on these Medical Listings and its requirements is what the Social Security Administration determines whether or not you meet the criteria to be considered disable or not.

Let’s start by saying there is no listing for back pain or otherwise there are for conditions in the Medica Listing, the fact is that these conditions may cause back pain is part of your claim and here it is important to see what your doctor says on how effective your pain medications are.

People ask me that how come the Medical Listings do no discuss the condition of degenerative disc disease is not listed by the Social Security Administration in its Medical Listings does not mean they do not consider it as a disabling condition, really not, at the end of the day, it is how your condition affects your abilities to stand, sit, walk, push, pull, stoop, knell, crouch, crawl, for how long and how much weight you can lift.  That matters.

The truth is that the cause of your back pain is not considered in Social Security disability real guidelines is what does your medical records provide, evidence of how does your condition impact or limits your ability to work as described above, in particular how it creates permanently or temporary limits you.

The problem in reality lays in your medical records most do not have clear notes from your doctors about in detail physical limitations in the area of standing, sitting, and even if you need to use a cane, walker, or crutches in order to walk or stand.

It should be said that of all of Social Security disability Medical Listing, section 1.04, which in reality deals with your spine disorders, like all Medical Listings, if you can prove that your particular spine disorder meets or equals the requirements set in this section.

And for the medical professional most consider that their medical may want to read these Medical Listings which included the following statements:

In cases Nerve Compression, which must cause a significant loss of reflexes and range of motion.

As to Spinal Arachnoiditis which must result in burning pain and the need of shifting more than one time every minute and its duration.

In the case of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis-which must cause pain in the thigh area, lower extremities, and buttocks causing a difficulty walking or standing for extended times.

Also, I do not want you to consider by any means that the Medical Guidelines is the only factor that an Administrative Law Judge, its only one of the five steps procedure, which has in my opinion become a point where less and less where the Social Security Administration, uses step three of the five step procedure to determine in a Social Security disability hearing if a person is disable.

The truth is that in back injury cases its more about how the condition affects, impairs or limits your abilities to function at a worksite with pain, in particular since most medical records give the impression that pain is controlled by medications.

It is crucial in back injury claims for Social Security disability, you have in your medical records recent MRIs or CT-Scans of your injury which shows exactly where your condition is and how severe it is.

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