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What will qualify you for social Security disability benefits, is having a severe medical or mental condition that prevents your ability to hold a job on a sustain basis.

In order to determine if you have a medical or mental condition severe enough to impair you from working.

You should do the following to determine this by

A. Review your medical records to see if they cover everything you feel is, after all theseare the records that will be read by the Social Security contracted employee including their paid doctors, in making the determination if you qualify or not for Social Security disability benefits.

B. Talk to your doctor and ask them . Dr. for what you treat me, I am claimant in my application for Social Security disability benefits, prevents me from working, because I cannot do A, B, C, and I need to know if you agree with me and will you be willing to complete a form for me.”

You may be surprised as to the answer you may receive from no answer, I will send your medical records, it is not up to me to, I do not fill out forms for Social Security disability; or finally I do not believe you are disable, these are examples of answers received by my clients.

You must understand that at the initial application for Social Security disability benefits level, the person making the determination will be doing so based only on what appears or not appears in your medical records, and even though they will tell you that they will also consider your answers, to their questionnaires, the truth is that they will use that information as grounds to deny your claim for Social Security disability benefits.