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First, the way Social Security Regulations are stated “is a severe condition that impairs your ability to function at a worksite and that his condition will last more than 12 months, it is for the above reason that there is no such thing as a short term or temporary disability benefits.” Second, any condition, or combination of both physical or mental conditions, that are severe conditions which affect your ability to stand, sit, walk, use your hands, use memory, concentrate, deal with co-workers, supervisors, and public in general, may qualify you for benefits under Social Security Disability. You will want first to read your medical records to see what information is contained and/or not contained. Again, it is not what conditions you have, but how these conditions affect your abilities to work. It is important to carefully review your medical records because this specifically what the Social Security Administration, and its paid contractors, will be using when they make the decision to approve or deny your claim. Here many claimants, inform that they have been diagnosed with the condition they claim disables them and it states what medications they are taking. The Social Security Administration will never question your diagnosis. They may ask for test results to confirm it, but will never assume that your diagnosis alone, even if you take medications for it, means that you cannot work. It is for this reason that I believe you must read your medical records. It is not sufficient for you to state your: pains, difficulties standing, sitting, and walking, when nothing about these difficulties appear in your medical records. This also applies to difficulties with memory, concentration, anxiety. If none of these difficulties appear in mental health records, it’s as if it does not exist.